Dissertação de Mestrado #591: Edson Nogueira

Entanglement, decoherence and estimation in neutrino oscillations

Autor: Edson Cezar Moraes Nogueira

Banca Avaliadora

Marcos Donizeti Rodrigues Sampaio (orientador)

Física - UFMG

Nelson de Oliveira Yokomizo

Física - UFMG

Raphael Drummond

Matemática - UFMG


Marcos Donizeti Rodrigues Sampaio (orientador)

Departamento de Física

Resumo do Trabalho

In this work, we studied neutrino oscillations and its main quantum mechanical aspects, namely entanglement and decoherence. We also investigated it from a quantum metrology perspective. The main features from the quantum field theoretic description of the phenomenon were reviewed and the chief quantum mechanical models were discussed and used to analyse the influence of entanglement and decoherence on the quantum Fisher information related to the mixing angle. We have founded that, although in a variety of physical settings there is a positive relationship between entanglement and the quantum Fisher information, this is not the case in the neutrino oscillations scenario. This shows that, in single-particle settings, entanglement is not directly related to the optimal estimation in metrological tasks.