Seminário Geral: Novel tools for ultra-specific targeting of nucleic acids

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Detection and studies of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) are highly desirable in modern research, biotechnology and clinical assays. Owing to improved biological activity and stability, artificial nucleic acids have much to offer as diagnostic and research tools. However, so far the detection of nucleic acids has been fully relied on enzymatic amplification of targets.

In our research, we propose enzyme-free detection and studies of nucleic acids. A main hypothesis that we have been exploring over the past few years, is that by avoiding extensive enzymatic nucleic acid manipulation, we can for the first time obtain absolute amounts of the crucial biomarkers such as microRNA or circulating tumour DNA. We can also learn the real biology of these and other vital nucleic acid molecules.

The talk will have two parts. First, I will present synthesis of novel fluorescent nucleosides with improved properties for detection of DNA and RNA targets. Second, I will present our recent findings on multi-fluorescent oligonucleotides for detection of diseases associated nucleic acids in the biological sample of choice.