Seminário Geral: Art-Science trends on materials design: machine learning and immersive experiences

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More recently, two new approaches have emerged to tackle materials design: i) Data analytics and ii) Perceptive experiences. Several initiatives have explored the use of Big-Data, data mining, and machine learning techniques on under-explored applications in materials science by taking advantage of high-throughput molecular simulations. On the other side, a perceptive experience allows us to be immersed and interact in the virtual reality environment and act as objects in that particular world or system in their relative time, size, and dynamic scales. This talk will introduce materials design studies at IFUSP involving multiscale molecular simulations with data analytics and immersive experiences with virtual reality to approach the materials discovery at nanoscale under a design perspective. We highlight nanostructured materials for energy applications, interfacial phenomena, and nanofluidics from a multiscale perspective. We also present how sonification techniques and virtual reality experiences can be exciting tools for knowledge diffusion for a broader audience and social projects to stimulate women and low-income students toward science and technology through intersections between science, art, and design.

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