Seminário Geral 26/02/2021: A Search for Friendly Measures of Quantum Resources

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Several tasks of fundamental (or practical) importance in quantum information science require access to a number of copies (N) of a conveniently tailored state. With this motivation, we address the question of how quantities, like entanglement and coherence, depend on the number of considered systems. This is, generally, a hard problem, often involving optimizations over Hilbert spaces of large dimensions. In this talk, we present a way to circumvent the direct evaluation of such quantities, provided that the employed measures satisfy a self-similarity property, while preserving the tensor-product structure. The theory to be presented is simple and, thus, accessible to students acquainted with elementary quantum mechanics. We call these “benign” measures scalable and show that some well-known coherence and entanglement quantifiers can be described as scalable measures.

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