Seminário Geral 25/06/2021: From the Lab to the Fab: Research on rare earth-free permanent magnets to build a sustainable technological horizon

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Permanent magnets are crucial in our daily life as they are fundamental components in a broad range of applications in different sectors: energy, transport, electronics, medical devices… Operational requirements of many devices make rare earth-based permanent magnets (Nd-Fe-B, in particular) the preferred choice because of the strong magnetic flux provided in a reduced volume. However, the restricted geographical location of accessible resources of rare earth elements (e.g. Nd and Dy) needed to fabricate these magnets, combined with environmental issues, make advantageous the search of rare earth-free alternatives.

This presentation will cover the on-going research on two different materials to contribute filling the gap existing since early 1980’s between ferrites and rare earth-magnets, while supporting a more sustainable industrial and technological development: Mn-Al-C and hybrid ferrites. In parallel to the progress done on materials research, this presentation will highlight technological advances on: 3D-printing of magnets, industrial implementation of novel strategies developed in the laboratory (from synthesis and processing to recycling) and integration of rare earth-free magnets in electromobility applications.

Tópico: Seminário Geral – 25/06/2021
Hora: 25 jun. 2021 10:00 da manhã São Paulo

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