Seminário Geral 05/11/2021: Creating and Tuning Low Dimensional Electronic states of Transition Metal Oxides

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Transition Metal Oxides (TMOs) exhibit unique and multifunctional physical phenomena (such as high-temperature superconductivity, colossal magnetoresistance, metal-insulator transitions, etc.) directly related to the spin and orbital degrees of freedom and their interplay with the crystal lattice. The iso-structure of TMOs permits the realization of hetero-structures that generate at their surfaces and interfaces novel physical matters that radically differ from those of the constituent bulk materials.
One of the remarkable phenomena, Low Dimension Electronic Gas (LDEG) at STO surface and STO-based hetero-structures, is the prominent example of the novel matter showing potential to be the platform for achieving oxide-based electronics.
Within my talk, I will discuss how to create and manipulate LDEG and review its fundamental properties.

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Tópico: Seminário Geral 05/11/2021
Hora: 5 nov. 2021 10:00 da manhã São Paulo

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