Colóquio 24/11/2023: Using defect engineering to modulate magnetic properties in perovskite

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The O3 perovskite structure is known for its wide range of  properties, such as ferroelectricity, magnetism, and multiferroicity, which are usually linked to lattice distortions. In the last decades researchers have shown that it is possible to modify these distortions and, in turn, alter the associated properties by using techniques such as doping, straining, and applying an electric field. Here, I will discuss a new proposal for dynamically tuning the structure, and thus other physical properties of perovskites, via defect engineering. I will focus on oxygen octahedral rotations, which are common distortions in perovskite materials. Using simplified physical models built from insight obtained from DFT calculations, I will attempt to answer the following questions: (1) How can this non-polar lattice distortion be coupled to an external electric field? (2) How are the distortions and magnetism (including antiferromagnetic order and spin canting) connected? (3) How can the magnetism be altered by an external field that acts on the lattice inducing structural distortions?


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