Colóquio 09/09/2022: “31 years of research on carbon nanotubes”

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This will be my seventh visit to UFMG among my nine visits to Brazil in total from Japan since September 2001. Together with many  UFMG collaborators, we have published over 150 papers. Most of the published papers are on the research of carbon nanotubes. Carbon nanotube is a roll-up graphene sheet into a cylinder. Depending on how to roll up, the electronic structure of single wall carbon nanotubes can be either semiconducting or metallic, which was predicted by our worldwide research group with the late professors of Prof. Mildred Dresselhaus and Prof. Gene Dresselhaus in MIT, USA. Since Prof. Sumio Iijima’s paper on carbon nanotubes in 1991, the research on carbon nanotubes has been constantly developing and advancing for the past 31 years. In this presentation, I would like to look back the research history of carbon nanotubes from the presenter’s point of view, explain to young researchers how a single research has developed, and talk about how the research has been developed.