Ciclo de Seminários “Mulheres na Física” 26/03/2021: Emergent phenomena and complexity in condensed matter

  • 26 de março de 2021
  • 10:00
  • Por videoconferência
  • Palestrantes: Dra. Karen Hallberg - Centro Atomico Bariloche e Instituto Balseiro, Argentina (Prêmio L'Oréal-Unesco 2019 para Mulheres na Ciência - América Latina)

Sobre este evento

When atoms combine to form a solid, new physical phenomena might arise and which cannot be predicted by the knowledge of the physical properties of the individual components. This is known as emergent behavior and it means that the whole is different than the sum of its parts. In physics, the reduction of a problem to the fundamental laws on a smaller scale does not imply the validity of the inverse methodology, that is, the reconstruction of the laws of physics at larger scales from more fundamental laws.

This is particularly relevant in materials with strongly interacting electrons in which the physics of many bodies plays a fundamental role and that show very interesting emergent phenomena such as superconductivity, colossal magnetoresistance, metal-insulator transitions and magnetism, among others.

Due to the enormous number of variables and states involved, these systems are among those that present the most complex and challenging problems in physics and for which it becomes necessary to resort to computational techniques that optimize information. For this we have developed very precise numerical tools based on quantum information concepts that allow the most relevant states to be extracted. I will present some examples of these phenomena and recent results obtained with these techniques.

Tópico: Ciclo de Seminários “Mulheres na Física” – 26/03/2021
Hora: 26 mar. 2021 10:00 da manhã São Paulo

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