Seminário Geral: THAT KIND OF MOTION WE CALL HEAT Conservation laws, symmetry breaking and control of the heat current

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The understanding of the underlying dynamical mechanisms which determines the macroscopic laws of heat conduction is a long standing task of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. A better understanding of such mechanism may also lead to potentially interesting applications based on the possibility to control the heat flow. Indeed, a model of thermal rectifier has been  proposed in which heat can flow preferentially in one direction. The proposed rectifying mechanism is of very general nature and theoretical and experimental work is currently undergoing.

In particular we discuss different dynamical models which exhibit rectification and interesting phenomena such as self-organization and 1d non equilibrium phase transition.

We then discuss a new approach, which is rooted in nonlinear dynamical systems, for increasing the efficiency of thermoelectric machines. The main focus will be on the physical mechanisms, unveiled by these dynamical models, which lead to high thermoelectric efficiency, approaching the Carnot limit.The role of conservation laws and symmetry breaking will be emphasized.